Perth tournament

Sometimes lady luck steps in and lends a hand even when it starts off looking like bad luck. We hit Perth Andover this weekend for our sixth tournament of the year. We woke up to 30 k winds blowing straight up the river against the current. Then we drew takeoff number 36 which put us way back in the field. We headed up the river in Phil’s big jet boat and smacked a rock at full throttle which fortunately didn’t cause any damage. Our first two spots yielded only small fish. Our plan was to fish here for a while a then move up through the rapids but three boats were already working there way up so we decided to go as well. About a hundred yards into the rapids we bottomed out the jet boat and we were stuck. We let the current push us back down but we had no power...

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Miramichi River with Rob Spon

Miramichi River with Rob Spon
One of the things that I have liked about doing the show over the last seven years are the great people that I have had the pleasure of fishing with and today was no exception. Our guest was Rob Spon, coach and general manager of the Saint John Riptide pro basketball team. The guy likes to fish and it shows but man he is passionate about his basketball.
Weather forecast at 5 am was sunny with cloudy periods with 12 k east wind gusting to 20. I think the sun popped out just as we were leaving to come home at 4 pm and lets just say it was a wee bit windy all day.
I stayed downriver below the Enclosure due to the DFO closing the upper stretch of the river due to the spawn and started off where we had found them on our last trip...

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Back lake smallies

Shawn and I hit the water yesterday with my friend and neighbor Jim Powell. I usually try to prefish a lake before we shoot so I don’t get any bad surprises but we decided to go in cold and shoot it like it happens.
We started out in front of a small creek and got one and missed a couple more. I didn’t want to take the Triton further up the lake because of all the rocks so we went back down by the ramp to a big flat with a mix of grass and rock with about six feet of water on it. Jim was throwing a Blue Fox in line spinner on a 7′ Medium Cumara rod with a 2500 Stradic spooled with 15lb Power Pro. I was throwing a Jackall SK Pop Grande on a Crucial 6’6″ med rod with a 2500 Stradic spooled with 8 lb mono.
We got quite a few fish on the flat and Jim picked up the biggest one of the day at o...

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Season eight and off to the Miramichi

Our first show of the season actually started out last fall even though I only met my guests the morning of the shoot. I donated a fishing trip for the Fredericton Homeless Shelter dinner and auction in November. Kris Mann was also supporting the shelter by attending their dinner and bidding on the items up for auction. That was the beginning and we chatted on the phone to see what he would like to fish for. Striped Bass on the Miramichi was the answer and he wanted to also bring his father in law, Rod.
We put the Triton in at the Enclosure ramp on the edge of Miramichi City and idled down river a bit and started fishing the channel edge. We almost immediately started marking fish on the Lowrance and hooked up on some Stripers very quickly...

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Daymaker part 2

We got lucky last week when Daymaker had a last minute cancellation. We had the foresight to tell them to give us a call if an opening came up and we got to hit the water again with Patrick.
We were heading out of the harbor in Stuart just as the sun started breaking on the horizon. What a beautiful way to start the day off. We headed to one of Captain Price’s bait spots and we plied the water with Sabiki rigs in about fifty feet of water. We got enough bait to get our day started and off we went.
The first strike went to David as he set the hook on something substantial and promptly had the rod fold right over and the fight was on. This fish had some muscle and David had to make a couple of trips around the boat and the fish ran around us...

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Daymaker Charters shark encounter

This is a you tube link to a short video on our shark encounter. Three anglers took turns fighting with this beast for over thirty minutes on a heavy rod spooled with 100 lb braided line. This was one of fifteen different species we hooked up with including the elusive Sailfish. All in all one of my top ten best fishing experiences ever.

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Daymaker Charter



Boniato tuna




my snook
I received a days fishing charter for Christmas and today was the day. David and I headed out along with Jeff Parker and John Lockhart for a day on the water with Captain Patrick Price of Daymaker Charters. The name is very apt because he did indeed make our day.
The four of us have been fishing a long time and to say that this was one of our best experiences would not be an exaggeration. Over the course of the day we hooked and landed 15 different species of fish and we even invited a few of them home for dinner.
We started our fishing off by using Sabiki rigs in forty feet of water jigging for live bait. If you have never seen a Sabiki rig it is a series of small flies tied to a single line, you drop it to the bottom and jig it up and down...

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Indian River lagoon

David and I had a few hours to get out yesterday morning and headed for the Indian River Lagoon. This was a jacket morning for sure with lower temps over night and a bit of a north wind. We have been catching most of our fish on white fluke style baits but for some reason I felt the need to tie on a top water. No logic or thought process to it but it just seemed like the thing to do.
It was a good decision.
Our first stop had some fish on it but the first one we hooked pulled a school of seven dophins right to the boat and they wouldn’t leave us alone. They are pretty to watch for a few minutes but they have learned that anglers release tired fish and it is an easy meal for them. We tried moving on the trolling motor but they stayed with us...

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Last NB Trip of the season. Miramichi River in the fall


For our last show of the season we are ending where we started back in the spring on the Miramichi River on the hunt for Striped Bass. Our guest today is Veronique { Vero } Arsenault , Executive Director at the Miramichi Regional Multi-Cultural Association. We will chat with her a bit about that while we film.
Veronique co-hosts Have a Chat on Rogers TV with her associates Audrey Lynch and Judy Losier. This is an extremely popular show now in its third year. We were looking for a guest from the Miramichi area and Vero jumped right in although she had never fished before. For someone who had never handled a fishing rod before she picked it up quite quickly and she was somewhat relieved when she found out she didn’t have to handle worms.
We launched the boat down by Ritchie’s wharf and ...

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Quick trip

I got out for half a day with David and he kicked my butt. He had five in the boat before I even had a bite. He ended up with one Jack, one Spanish Mackerel, a bunch of Spotted Sea Trout, one Bluefish and at least a dozen Ladyfish. I had him rigged with a Zodias 7′MH rod a 2500 Stadic FK and 15 lb Power Pro with a 36 inch flouro carbon leaded. All of the fish were in shallow water and caught on soft plastics rigged on a one eighth once jig head. The dolphins almost drove us crazy when they found us. They have learned that boats equal free fish. When you release one they chase it down and eat it. They will not leave you once you have hooked a fish.



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