Spednic Lake with Mike Milburn

This week is the redo of the show we tried a couple of weeks ago with Mike. Forecast is for wind up to 30k again today so we are taking the Triton which will be much better to fish from if it gets bumpy. We also changed lakes because it was doubtful we could get the big boat off the trailer where we were last trip.
Water is down about two feet from normal so we started on the outside edge of a big flat figuring the fish would move there with the falling water. That didn’t work out too well for us with only a couple of fish to the boat although one was the biggest Chain Pickerel that Mike had ever caught.
This lake is very rocky and uncharted but we used the map function on the Lowrance HDS 9 to follow the line for the border which was the original river channel...

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Seeing double

The link is to a clip from our shows this summer. On two different shows we had a double on a jerkbait.

#shimanokeepsyoufishing, #fishjackallcan, #lowrancefishing

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Brandon Brewer on Backwater Casting

What a fantastic day to be out on the water. Shawn and I headed to Woodstock for a day on the water with two time Canadian Light Middleweight Boxing Champion, Brandon Brewer, from Nackawic, NB.
In between catching some nice smallmouth we peppered Brandon with questions on boxing and his new promotional business promoting MMA matches. His first one as a promoter comes up at the Aitken center on Oct. 21.
We caught fish off and on all day on a variety of baits. Brandon got a bunch early on a tube and some later on a Blue Fox inline spinner. I picked some up on a Jackall Squad Minnow, tube and a Strike King spinnerbait. They were hungry and if you put it in front of them they would eat it...

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Lowrance Hook2

Check out the new Hook2 from Lowrance. If you are looking for an easy to use right out of the box sonar / fish finder this is the one to get. It was designed to turn it on and go fishing. Three price levels depending on what your needs are.

Description: The HOOK2 series of fishfinders/chartplotters includes new autotuning sonar, wide-angle sonar coverage, plus features like SideScan and DownScan Imaging — all at a price that is easy to afford.

#shimanokeepsyoufishing, #lowrancefishing, #fishjackallcan

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Fishing Perth

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Phil and I hit the water yesterday for show seven of Backwater Casting. We headed up to Perth Andover to experience some early fall fishing. It was a bit nerve racking to start because we took the Triton up into the rapids and let me tell you the water is low. Luckily we had a lot of the more dangerous rocks marked on the Lowrance units and came through unscathed.

For the most part it appears that the fish have already started to drop back into deeper water. We did get a few up here but not what we expected and we had to go looking.

We dropped back down into the deep hole right in Perth and picked up a couple of decent fish there and a bunch of juveniles on drop shots in 25 feet...

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Backwater casting on you tube

This is a link to our first show of the season where we filmed on the Miramichi river for Striped Bass.

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Tournament time

Philip and I put together a 13.30 lb bag of Saint John River smallies that was good for a 2nd place finish and it also ties up the Triton / Evinrude Bass Tour Team of the Year for us. Last years weight to win was 15.6 and second was 15.5 so we were pleasantly surprised to end up second. #fishshimanocan #fishgloomiscan #fishjackallcan #shimanokeepsyoufishing
Photo courtesy of Nathan Robinson Natural Light Photo and Film

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Summer on Spednic

We had a fun day out on the lake with guest, Nathan Robinson, from Natural Light Photo and Film. For this trip Nathan was on the other end of the camera with Shawn doing the filming.
We hit one of our favourite spots to see if we could get some top water action going before heading down the lake for a little exploring. It didn’t disappoint and we put about ten fish in the boat on that stop.
Then off we went to do a little exploring being very careful to follow the map chart on the Lowrance. Even though the lake is not showing depths on the map, it does show the international border, which is where the old river channel used to run. Pretty safe bet that it was going to be the deepest and safest water to run in.
We tucked into a small cove for a half and hour and tried topwater which prod...

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Perth tournament

Sometimes lady luck steps in and lends a hand even when it starts off looking like bad luck. We hit Perth Andover this weekend for our sixth tournament of the year. We woke up to 30 k winds blowing straight up the river against the current. Then we drew takeoff number 36 which put us way back in the field. We headed up the river in Phil’s big jet boat and smacked a rock at full throttle which fortunately didn’t cause any damage. Our first two spots yielded only small fish. Our plan was to fish here for a while a then move up through the rapids but three boats were already working there way up so we decided to go as well. About a hundred yards into the rapids we bottomed out the jet boat and we were stuck. We let the current push us back down but we had no power...

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Miramichi River with Rob Spon

Miramichi River with Rob Spon
One of the things that I have liked about doing the show over the last seven years are the great people that I have had the pleasure of fishing with and today was no exception. Our guest was Rob Spon, coach and general manager of the Saint John Riptide pro basketball team. The guy likes to fish and it shows but man he is passionate about his basketball.
Weather forecast at 5 am was sunny with cloudy periods with 12 k east wind gusting to 20. I think the sun popped out just as we were leaving to come home at 4 pm and lets just say it was a wee bit windy all day.
I stayed downriver below the Enclosure due to the DFO closing the upper stretch of the river due to the spawn and started off where we had found them on our last trip...

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